The extensive feedback that the system provides is certainly better than no practice at all for people in my situation. At the PGA Equipment Show and other events, people have been amazed at how the trainer picks up on exactly their predominant ball flight.

According to David Leadbetter:
"Ideally, you'll be going out and hitting a lot of balls because golf is about feel and you lose that feel unless you're actually doing something constructively. Unfortunately, today people have a lack of time to go and practice. With "My Personal Golf Trainer," in just a few minutes you are able to spend some quality time practicing and really making each swing, and knowing you are doing it correctly. A few minutes at home is a great way of maintaining that feel and allowing yourself to swing consistently. Because it's all about consistency, and if you're not playing a lot or not practicing a lot, you lose that consistency."

Truer words were never spoken. And short of moving to a warmer climate or risking penury, "My Personal Golf Trainer" is the best option for many golfers seeking some quality practice during the winter months.
Kiel Christianson
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"I played my first round of golf after some practicing with the simulator. My short game was actually off a little but my Driver was on or very near the fairway on almost every hole. 3 wood was smoking down the fairway and my irons felt more comfortable and solid. Very good ball contact. My 2 hybrid and 5 hybrid was straight with no fade or draw. Unusual for me! My final score, 95. No not spectacular but the consistancy I showed was incredible. Better than anything I have managed before.

Do I think the simulator helped. I do. It allowed me to pick out my flaws and concentrate on them. I actually was sore after using it for several hours one day. Not a bad workout and I would have spent 99 dollars at the driving range for how long I played this thing.

I don't think it will replace a pro because my pro has given me so much knowledge but it does put your body in the correct position and allows you to feel where you are making your mistakes. A major plus!

I plan on practicing all weekend with it and my indoor chipping and putting area I setup and then head to OC for some family vacation and some golfing. I hope the consistancy continues."
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"I have spent 4 hours on it and can say it does what it says. I play off of a 15 handicap and am prone to hooking the ball and low and behold thats excatly what i was doing on the systems driving range. There are loads of drills to try out and i can see this really helping."
Vince Thurnell
The Sand Trap - Forum

"One month later, I have used it around 15 times for 20-30 mins, my scores in the real course have gone down 2-4 strokes per round. Pretty much no slice anymore."
Amazon Review

"I've got it and I think it's a great bit of kit. We all ready had a wii board and motion plus so not such a massive outlay. Not really a game as such, more a training aid."
Danny Brant
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