What is the iTrainer?

the iTrainerThe iTrainer™ is a sophisticated, self-contained sensor assembly with an onboard computer and wireless interface. It attaches quickly to any club shaft, just below the grip and can determine the shaft orientation in real time, based on various sensor measurements. High resolution data can be uploaded wirelessly and / or stored to remote devices such as PCs or portable tablets and smartphones.

The unit interacts with the user via its internal speaker, or external Bluetooth audio device via using spoken instructions in the user’s native tongue. The screen displays menu options and instructions. The display also shows results and progress.

The full swing analysis module displays a dashboard of swing statistics, while the training modules use tones to guide you through different exercises.

Swings can also be captured and stored within the iTrainer, so you there is not need to carry a PC or computer with you. Put it in your pocket and take it out before a round to brush up on your putting strokes or tune your tempo or swing plane. When you buy an iTrainer, don’t expect it to become redundant anytime soon; every aspect of the iTrainer is upgradeable, including the casing, electronics assemblies and software. All application modules within the iTrainer are upgradeable and new ones can be downloaded as they are developed. We even have a development kit to help training organisations customise it to suit their needs.