What feedback does it give?

The iTrainer was developed primarily as an aid to training and maintaining the ideal golf swing. In order to achieve this, it first has to be able to analyse a number of aspects of the swing based on what it can measure from the golf club.

The Analysis Dashboard
The analysis information is displayed directly on the iTrainer screen using a dashboard style display once the swing has completed. By pressing the up or down button, the golfer can step through each result and once done, optionally save the swing to the iTrainer’s internal memory.

Clubhead MPH Clubhead MPH
This panel indicates the calculated clubhead speed based on the acceleration felt by the iTrainer as well as the rotation rate of the shaft. The calculation of clubhead speed takes into consideration the specifications of the club being used, including the shaft length.

Ball Speed MPH Ball Speed MPH
This panel shows the estimated ball speed derived from the clubhead speed, clubhead mass, ball mass and coefficient of restitution of the club. The ball speed is later broken down into vertical and horizontal speed, in order to calculate spin and other launch conditions.

Swing Tempo Swing Tempo
This panel displays the backswing time divided by the downswing time, often referred to as the tempo ratio.

Swing Plane Swing Plane
This panel depicts a down-the-line view of the path of the club head. The plot uses two colours to represent the backswing and downswing components. This is the default view, but other viewing angles are also possible.

Clubhead Path Clubhead Path
This panel shows the path of the clubhead through the impact zone. It represents the target line and an imaginary line traced by the club shaft on the ground.

Ball Flight Ball Flight
This panel depicts the trajectory of the ball based on the measured impact parameters. The top plot shows the side profile of the ball flight and includes the estimated carry distance. The lower plot shows the view from above the ball and estimated deviation from the target line.