Technical Details

The iTrainer samples thousands of sensor readings a second and uses the information to construct a spatial image of the golf swing in 3D as well as the dynamics of the swing.

The iTrainer samples the following sensors 1000 times per second (or higher):

  • Low-G acceleration in 3 orthogonal axes
  • High-G acceleration in 3 orthogonal axes
  • Rotation rate in 3 orthogonal axes
  • Magnetic bearing in 3 orthogonal axes

The sensor data is filtered and used in various combinations to determine the following:

  • Club Lie angle – the front-to-back angle between the club shaft and the ground when the club is stationary

  • Club face direction – the direction in which the clubface is aiming with respect to magnetic North

  • Hand press – the side-to-side angle between the club shaft and ground

  • Attack angle – the club shaft angle at the time impact is detected

  • Shaft orientation – the instantaneous orientation of the club shaft in 3D space

  • Swing Tempo – the relationship between the backswing time and downswing time, represented in Tour Tempo or CoreTempo format

  • Club head speed – the estimated club-head speed at any instant in time.

  • Launch angles – the calculated horizontal and vertical angle at which the ball leaves the face of the club

  • Ball speed – the estimated ball speed in miles per hour based

  • Spin rates – the estimated ball backspin and side spin rates at launch

  • Ball Flight – the calculated vertical and horizontal ball trajectory including estimated carry, bounce and roll distance under typical conditions