iTrainer FAQ

Q: How much does it weigh?
A: The iTrainer™ weighs in at a lightweight 70 grams. Feedback from many professionals affirms the device has negligible impact on the swing.

Q: What is the sensing technology?
A: We use State-of-the-Art sensors to detect rotation, acceleration and magnetic fields. At up to 8,000 samples a second, we capture even the smallest, and fastest aspects of the swing.

Q: Do I need A PC or Laptop?
A: No the iTrainer™ is a complete standalone training system, however a PC is used for updates and configuration and for detailed display of swing information. My Personal Golf Trainer is PC system software used in conjunction to the iTrainer which can be carried with the golfer and viewed on a laptop/netbook to view swing information in real-time.

Q: Does it play games?
A: The iTrainer is designed as a serious analysis and training tool, but the design is very flexible and game modules can be downloaded into the device. You can use the game/course features of My Personal Golf Trainer PC with the iTrainer™ for a realistic golfing experience.

Q: Will there be software upgrades?
A: The iTrainer™ is designed for many years. New software releases will be provided to fix bugs or enhance existing functionality. In addition new training modules and features will also be available to extend the existing features of the product.

Q: Can it be used for Putting?
A: Putting analysis and training modules will be released as a separate option to the current training modules.