Introducing the iTrainer

The iTrainer is an easy to use device, offering functionality to benefit all golfers using the new My Personal Golf Trainer (PC EDITION).

Clamps Easily onto your Club

The device is small and is clamped to the club shaft, just below the grip, a place that introduces negligible impact to the swing, yet effective enough to accurately measure swing characteristics.

A Dream to Use

Designed to fit all commonly used golf club shafts. The iTrainer is such an ingenious and advanced device that no other device comes even close to matching in price and features.

Corrects your Mistakes

iTrainer provides instant feedback to allow users to quickly adapt and correct mistakes in their actions. Our My Personal Golf Trainer systems are designed for personal and professional use.

Works in Any Environment

Recorded data is easily transferred wirelessly to a your PC for further analysis. You are no longer confined to indoor based simulator training.

Now supports Left or Right Handed

My Personal Golf Trainer is our advanced analysis and training system designed for anyone. If you’re a beginner, training centre, or professional. Combining the iTrainer device, you will benefit from being able to capture swing data for analysis, comparison or tracking progress.

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One on One, World Class Tuition

For the ‘My Personal Trainer‘ range we are working with the best of the best in training, to give detailed, useful and accurate individual feedback on everything you need to know to play a better game. For our first title Golf, individual direction is given by David Leadbetter who over the past 30 years has published more training manuals than any other golfer in the world.

He will personally tell you how to stand, how to move, and how to swing in his famous 7 steps to a better golf swing. You will be shown common mistakes and how to correct them. As a non interactive DVD this information would sell for hundreds of dollars, but utilizing the MotionPlus we can give individual feedback on your own personal swing and then direct you on how to correct and improve your shot.

Analyse Your Swing Instantly and Identify Your Flaws

My Personal Golf Trainer‘ features a technical swing analysis feature which compares your own swing statistically against the ideal Leadbetter swing. From any angle, step-by-step analysis means you can instantly identify problem areas, and drills are then recommended to help promote progression to address such areas.

It will record your swing and tell you where you are going wrong, suggesting what you need to do to become a better golfer. It will help identify your weak areas. Then with this knowledge you will be better on the golf course. Read More

Corrective Drills Tailored to Your Specific Faults

My Personal Golf Trainer’ is an evolution on David Leadbetter’s “Seven Steps of the Swing”. Draw, fade or neutral swings, ‘My Personal Golf Trainer’ accurately identifies your flaws, eliminating the need for expensive golf trainers or monitoring equipment. ‘My Personal Golf Trainer’ gives you detailed, useful and accurate individual feedback on everything you need to know to play a better game.

The golf swing is a skill that requires precision movements of your body, arms, hands and balance. No training aid anywhere comes close to providing the perfect feel and feedback that you’ll receive from ‘My Personal Golf Trainer’.

Skill Tracker Providing Instructions Specific to Your Individual Needs

The ‘Skill Tracker’ is a feature designed to help you watch your improvements over time. Every full swing is recorded and analysed on a number of aspects, giving you the ability to track every part of your swing.

All the drills are also tracked in the `Skill Tracker’ and the player can check their progress on a daily/weekly/monthly level to see how well they have improved. At-a-glance, the player will be able to spot improvements and check down to the finest detail areas of their game which need improvement.

Test your Progress on the 18 Hole Course and Driving Range

My Personal Golf Trainer’ features a full 72par 18 hole golf course approved by the golf experts at the IMG academies, featuring challenging holes for both beginners and low-handicapped players with features designed to make the player think hard before playing a shot.

With a driving range where players can practice their new found skills and track their progress over time, seeing improvements and identifying problem areas which need further training.

Track your Progress and Reach Your Goals

My Personal Golf Trainer’ with IMG Academies and David Leadbetter is “The Ultimate Home Golf Swing Trainer”. Within a few minutes ‘My Personal Golf Trainer’ will correctly identify your golf swing flaws and provide you with training drills that correct your swing path and club face rotation. With My Personal Golf Trainer you will learn David Leadbetter’s key techniques that golf pros and elite players work on everyday.

My Personal Golf Trainer’ not only helps eliminating your swing faults it produces many more benefits. Your swing structure and sequence will become perfectly blended, producing longer, straighter, and more consistent shots. Move your weight more effectively or combine both distance and accuracy. The revolution continues today with ‘My Personal Golf Trainer’. Redefining the boundaries of swing analysis and performance.

Wii MotionPlus Technology

My Personal Golf Trainer with IMG Academies and David Leadbetter’ is one of the first titles to take advantage of the new Wii MotionPlus™ accessory, which enhances the precision with its highly accurate gyroscope based, controller extension. The Wii MotionPlus enables all data from complete swings to be recorded to the players profile for ongoing analysis.
(Wii MotionPlus sold separately)

Wii BalanceBoard Technology

The balance board applies force plate technology coupled with specially designed Wii software to record balance and stance. The Balance Board provides important feedback for you to understand the correct weight shift movement during your swing.
(Wii Balance Board sold separately)

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