Will it do more than correct my golf swing?
‘My Personal Golf Trainer’ not only helps eliminating your swing faults it produces many more benefits. Your swing structure and sequence will become perfectly blended, producing longer, straighter, and more consistent shots.

Will it teach me the fundamentals of a golf swing?
With over an hour of video footage ‘My Personal Golf Trainer’ creates a desirable and easy way to understand the principles of a golf swing.

Is this like having your own personal trainer?
One to one video training provided by David Leadbetter, complemented with interactive training drills, together making a realistic experience of world class golf instruction.

What will it tell me about my golf swing faults?
With instant swing feedback, it will record your swing and tell you where you are going wrong, suggesting what you need to do to become better. It will help identify your weak areas. Then with this knowledge you will be better on the golf course.

Is there more to this product than just golf training?
‘My Personal Golf Trainer’ features a full 72 par, 18 hole golf course approved by the golf experts at the IMG academies. With 18 beautifully designed holes set in tree lined vistas, creating the same feeling of recreational enjoyment you feel on the course.

Is there a way to practise my golf swing?
‘My Personal Golf Trainer’ also features a driving range where players can practice their new found skills, seeing improvements and identifying problem areas which need further training.

How will I see improvements to my golf swing?
The Skill Tracker is a feature designed to help the player track aspects of their game over time. Every full swing recorded is tracked and the player can check their progress on a daily, weekly or monthly level, to see how well you have improved.

What so special about this golf training product?
‘My Personal Golf Trainer’ is an evolution on David Leadbetter’s “Seven Steps of the Swing”. Draw, fade or neutral swings, ‘My Personal Golf Trainer’ accurately identifies your flaws, eliminating the need for expensive golf trainers or monitoring equipment. The golf swing is a skill that requires precision movements of your body, arms, hands and balance. No training aid anywhere comes close to providing the perfect feel and feedback that you’ll receive from ‘My Personal Golf Trainer’.

Does this software support left handed play?
Currently a left handed swing is not supported in ‘My Personal Golf Trainer’. Left handed support will be in a future release of the software. If you sign up to the mailing list we will keep you informed with any updates.

What comes with the product?
Just the software, if you don’t already have the Wii console, Balance Board or Motion Plus they can be purchased from any major electrical retailer.

I have a Discount Code, how do I enter this?
Goto SHOP. > Pick your STORE > ADD to CART > CHECKOUT > ENTER Customer Address > Then where you get to enter your credit card details there is a label ‘Discount Code’ enter the exact code into the input box to the right of this. When you click on ‘Continue’ it will deduct the discount value.

What is the delivery time for this?
Deliveries go out within 24 hours, usually the same working day. Weekend orders will be dispatch on the following Monday.

Do I need a Balance Board, or can I get one at a later date?
A Balance Board is not required, everything works fine, without this additional input and feedback. You can still get the step by step 7 stage swing guide to re-learn and practice your swing, see the actual path of your swing and go through all the drills.

Am I right in thinking the Balance Board, which comes with the Wii Fit, is the same Balance Board that can be used with My Personal Golf Trainer?
Yes there is just one Balance Board, the Wii Fit uses the same Balance Board as we do for the Golf Trainer.

I don’t have a Wii and need to know which one to buy for your program to work effectively?
If you are buying a new Wii then you should get a pack which also has the Motion Plus already with the Wii remote.

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