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If you’re looking for the perfect golf gift idea, then take a look at My Personal Golf Trainer for the Nintendo Wii, featured in Fairways + Greens magazine’s holiday gift guide. With this indoor golf training device, David Leadbetter, the world’s No. 1 golf instructor, provides personalized feedback on your golfer’s swing.

Here’s what Fairways + Greens says about the Wii golf trainer:

Consisting of videos hosted by Lead himself, a series of drills, an interactive “range” that breaks every swing down into each of seven “links” — in 3D, no less — and even a course that puts what you’ve learned and seen into action in 9 or 18-hole doses, it’s a pretty complete teaching aid, even it there is a bit of a techno learning curve. Easy-to-understand graphics track your progress and show where you’re spot-on and where you could use work.

Leadbetter uses his 7 Steps to a Better Golf Swing to help your golfer improve in the off-season. The Wii Balance Board and MotionPlus controller allow My Personal Golf Trainer to analyze grip, posture, alignment, ball position, coil, swing shape and tempo. To date, a few indoor golf training devices have been available, but their feedback is limited to just the impact portion of the swing.

Professional golf training lessons cost thousands of dollars, so at only $99, My Personal Golf Trainer is a steal. With My Personal Golf Trainer, Fairways + Greens says, “Winter will pass a lot quicker — with some grooved moves to show for it.”

Golf International Magazine Nov / Dec 10

“A sophisticated package. You have instant, quantifiable feedback on your success in applying Leadbetter’s timeless tips. It’s hard not to be impressed.”

“You’re getting swing analysis comparable to a £2,000 high-speed, video capture system, but with 360-degree viewing and expert interpretation thrown in”

“Will be appreciated by golfers who are truly dedicated to improving their golf swing”

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Imagine Golf Club Review

“This development is incredible and really is the future of golf tuition. This revolutionary idea is redefining how we analyze our swing and performance.”

“I was dubious but having seen this in action I can say that this is real golf training from a world class coach and the best part of all is that it’s available 24/7 in the comfort of my living room. This will definitely improve your swing and to be honest is the ideal Christmas present for any budding golfer.”

“This is a great idea, brilliantly executed and definitely the future of golf tuition.”

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Kiel Christianson – World Golf

The trainer is not — I repeat not — a game. It’s a thorough step-by-step instructional series that takes you from the very basics of the grip and posture to actually playing a round of golf. It works on any Wii system, but requires the Wii MotionPlus add-on for the controller. It’s also beneficial to have a Wii Balance Board for some of the drills.

The extensive feedback that the system provides is certainly better than no practice at all for people in my situation. At the PGA Equipment Show and other events, people have been amazed at how the trainer picks up on exactly their predominant ball flight.

According to David Leadbetter:
“Ideally, you’ll be going out and hitting a lot of balls because golf is about feel and you lose that feel unless you’re actually doing something constructively. Unfortunately, today people have a lack of time to go and practice. With “My Personal Golf Trainer,” in just a few minutes you are able to spend some quality time practicing and really making each swing, and knowing you are doing it correctly. A few minutes at home is a great way of maintaining that feel and allowing yourself to swing consistently. Because it’s all about consistency, and if you’re not playing a lot or not practicing a lot, you lose that consistency.”

Truer words were never spoken. And short of moving to a warmer climate or risking penury, “My Personal Golf Trainer” is the best option for many golfers seeking some quality practice during the winter months.

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Links Magazine

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Capital Golf Weekly, Expert Review

Capital Golf Weekly expert review of My Personal Golf Trainer for Nintendo Wii, with explanation from David Leadbetter at the PGA Golf show.

“This is as close to personal instruction as you can get.”
“There is value for the Beginner and value for the experienced player too.”
“This sees things that you don’t see on a $40,000 golf simulator, for a tiny fraction of the price.”
“Between the 3D real time analysis for the swing, the recommended fixes for your faults and the precise details of the drills this thing is a steal at $100.”
“At 251 yards this is about as far as I can hit it at my advanced stage, so this thing is remarkably accurate.”

Golfalot Review

A very impressive use of the Wii technology

My Personal Golf Trainer really comes into its own as the ability to see the path and plane of your swing on screen, pause and view it from any angle in 3D and compare to the ideal swing is excellent. From this area David Leadbetter will recommend some drills for you to do using video clips and then you can try again after you have worked on them and track your progress over time with the Skill Tracker. One area that is also very useful is the balance and weight transference feedback you get using the balance board is also very good.

A bargain

On one hand it is costly but compared to a live lesson with Leadbetter it is a bargain and gives you access to all the analysis tools and drills that were previously only available to top professionals. If you are a beginner or an aspiring mid to low handicapper then we think you will benefit from using My Personal Golf Trainer . The software will help you to improve your posture, weight transference and swing positions as well as helping you to understand how this affects your angle of attack and shot shape.

Much better than an instructional video or a book

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Yorkshire Golfer (Chris Ashton PGA Professional)

“Results were defiantly phenomenal.”

“My Conclusion to say that this is a very impressive tool and will be a definite help to your game.”

“Only cost you $99 which is an absolute steal and a must have for any golfing nut.”

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‘The perfect tool for golfers who want to benefit from the best coach in the business, without spending a fortune’.

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‘My Personal Golf Trainer’ analyzes: grip, posture, alignment, ball position, coil, swing shape, and tempo. Offering instructional videos and drills within each of these seven basics, players can improve their swing step-by-step and then graduate from training mode to the practice range and onto a full 18-hole game. Within the 18-hole game, after each shot the golfer has the option to have feedback from Leadbetter and suggested drills for improvement.

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The thing is, a golf coach is pricey – a personal lesson with Nick Faldo’s coach David Leadbetter would set you back around $3,500, plus a flight to Florida. Ouch.

Luckily Leadbetter’s knowledge has been piled into a game for Nintendo Wii so you can get all the advice from the swing guru in the comfort of your living room.

“My Personal Golf Trainer” is the first time a professional-standard golf swing simulator has been available to the public for home use, and will set you back just £99.

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Golf International Magazine

Golfers can compare their own golf swing with an ‘ideal’ swing, to identify areas for improvement. With 3D replays golfers can view their swing from any angle for detailed analysis. ‘My Personal Golf Trainer’ then goes further and provides step-by-step corrective drills, guiding the golfer through a simple interactive process. It also provides complete analysis of clubhead speed, angle and force through the entire swing process, and includes weight transfer, swing plane and tempo information.

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The Bunker Shot

‘My Personal Golf Trainer’ is the first home golf product to record and analyze a full golf swing from address to backswing, impact to follow through, in three dimensions and over time. It then offers the opportunity to compare the users own swing with an ideal swing to identify areas for improvement.

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Links Magazine’s Best in Show

My Personal Golf Trainer named to Links Magazine’s Best in Show from the 2010 PGA Merchandise Show. From the thousands of exhibitors, the magazine picked the Top 7 and “My Personal Golf Trainer” is on the list!
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The Sand Trap

This is an amazing use of technology

I believe this is an amazing use of technology, and can be a great help, especially for those that live in areas where the weather prohibits golf during the quickly approaching winter season. The concept is great, but as I said before, this is not a substitution for formal lessons. It could, however, serve as a tool to give the golfer a lot of positive reinforcement. Read More

Phoenix Golf News Examiner

It’s the equivalent of a virtual launch monitor but with swing tips.
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LA Daily News

Wii Golf? Mais Oui…. legendary golf instructor David Leadbetter’s “My Personal Golf Trainer” is a cheap and painless way to get your swing analyzed without flying to Florida and dropping $5K on an intensive one-on-one clinic … Hats off to the big brains at Design Data Interactive and Professor Leadbetter — this is no toy, it’s a bona fide living room golf clinic in chewable bits and bytes. See you in the fairway….. Read More

World Golf Wire

Taking advantage of the new MotionPlus controller just introduced in June 2009, “My Personal Golf Trainer” is the first golf game to actually record and analyze the full golf swing.

To date, a few golf devices have given feedback on clubhead speed and angle of impact, but they cost thousands of dollars and do not include analysis of weight transfer, swing plane or tempo, and do not offer individualized instruction and suggestions for improvement. Read More

Golf to Impress

I don’t know about you, but I want to try it, and I want to try it now.

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Golf Blogger

I am quite sure this will stir up quite a lot of interest with you golf fanatics out there who are looking for a better standard of play and trying to find the ‘perfect golf swing’. Read More