Golf International Magazine Nov / Dec 10

“A sophisticated package. You have instant, quantifiable feedback on your success in applying Leadbetter’s timeless tips. It’s hard not to be impressed.”

“You’re getting swing analysis comparable to a £2,000 high-speed, video capture system, but with 360-degree viewing and expert interpretation thrown in”

“Will be appreciated by golfers who are truly dedicated to improving their golf swing”

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Capital Golf Weekly, Expert Review

Capital Golf Weekly expert review of My Personal Golf Trainer for Nintendo Wii, with explanation from David Leadbetter at the PGA Golf show.

“This is as close to personal instruction as you can get.”
“There is value for the Beginner and value for the experienced player too.”
“This sees things that you don’t see on a $40,000 golf simulator, for a tiny fraction of the price.”
“Between the 3D real time analysis for the swing, the recommended fixes for your faults and the precise details of the drills this thing is a steal at $100.”
“At 251 yards this is about as far as I can hit it at my advanced stage, so this thing is remarkably accurate.”

Golf Week | 2010 PGA Merchandise Show

Asher Wildman takes a look at the latest in golf training aids from the 2010 PGA Merchandise Show. Featuring tips from David Leadbetter, “My Personal Golf Trainer” for Nintendo’s Wii brings golf training to the whole family.

MCV Interview

Q&A from Rob Dorney Art Director behind ˜My Personal Golf Trainer: with IMG Academies and David Leadbetter.

Q: Since the games Launched at E3 where it received glowing reports from the media and since, can you explain what has been added the game since then.

RD: We’ve been delighted, but not surprised, with the feedback we’ve received so far from both the video game and golfing worlds- it seems like this is a product that every golf lover is very enthused by and we’re delighted to be working on the project.

Since E3, we’ve been concentrating on honing the real heart of the project; David Leadbetter’s feedback. Before actually writing any lines of code, we did a considerable amount of market research in the golfing world and the one thing that golfers REALLY wanted out of a personal training product was to see if there was any way David Leadbetter himself could actually train them and improve their game. Well, we’ve been focusing all our attention on making sure the training experience is as personal as possible. David Leadbetter will be a very interactive part of the title, giving comment and feedback on all aspects of the player’s swing, address, posture and balance.

This is the first of a whole range of personal trainer titles, so another major focus for us was to push the limits and make this first title, the very best in the market, with the most advanced, accurate and complete player feedback possible. The Motionplus provides an amazing amount of detail, but some movement and player motions could not be recorded so we decided to go a step further and also incorporate Balance Board support and with this additional information on a players position and movement, this unquestionably the most advanced product available. We saw other companies use of Motionplus at E3 and their products are still very basic compared to our complete movement system. This is the most accurate 1:1 tuition you can get in the home, and with such accurate input, and expert advice we are sure golfers will be able to improve their game.

Q: How are you going about fine turning the experience for different abilities

RD: The game is undergoing a great deal of QA testing at the moment both from game players and golfers of all levels. We are providing a simple 5 star report for beginners which can be expanded into a detailed 0-100% accuracy feedback for experts wanting to gain that last 5% improvement. There are 80 million active golfers and we want a happy balance so players of all skill levels can take something positive from the product. Ironically our current problem is that our amateur golfers in the QA team have become so good from playing the game we are having to source new amateurs !!!

Q: The Wii motion has made this type of genre available to office or home players who want to improve their golfing swing, but does the game follow your improvements as Wii fit does and have improved on that system

RD: Very much so- one thing not seen in the E3 build of the title, but were implementing now, is the ‘Skill Tracker’. This is a section of the title where the player can check any aspect of their swing, balance or posture over time, allowing them to see their progress on a month-by-month, week-by-week basis. David Leadbetter then gives the player some feedback to let them know at a glance how they’re doing, recommending specific training drills to go through if the player needs specific help with a particular aspect of their game. It really is a very interactive experience and one which the player can really drill down to the finer aspects of their game and see how they are improving. Read More