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If you’re looking for the perfect golf gift idea, then take a look at My Personal Golf Trainer for the Nintendo Wii, featured in Fairways + Greens magazine’s holiday gift guide. With this indoor golf training device, David Leadbetter, the world’s No. 1 golf instructor, provides personalized feedback on your golfer’s swing.

Here’s what Fairways + Greens says about the Wii golf trainer:

Consisting of videos hosted by Lead himself, a series of drills, an interactive “range” that breaks every swing down into each of seven “links” — in 3D, no less — and even a course that puts what you’ve learned and seen into action in 9 or 18-hole doses, it’s a pretty complete teaching aid, even it there is a bit of a techno learning curve. Easy-to-understand graphics track your progress and show where you’re spot-on and where you could use work.

Leadbetter uses his 7 Steps to a Better Golf Swing to help your golfer improve in the off-season. The Wii Balance Board and MotionPlus controller allow My Personal Golf Trainer to analyze grip, posture, alignment, ball position, coil, swing shape and tempo. To date, a few indoor golf training devices have been available, but their feedback is limited to just the impact portion of the swing.

Professional golf training lessons cost thousands of dollars, so at only $99, My Personal Golf Trainer is a steal. With My Personal Golf Trainer, Fairways + Greens says, “Winter will pass a lot quicker — with some grooved moves to show for it.”

Golf International Magazine Nov / Dec 10

“A sophisticated package. You have instant, quantifiable feedback on your success in applying Leadbetter’s timeless tips. It’s hard not to be impressed.”

“You’re getting swing analysis comparable to a £2,000 high-speed, video capture system, but with 360-degree viewing and expert interpretation thrown in”

“Will be appreciated by golfers who are truly dedicated to improving their golf swing”

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Imagine Golf Club Review

“This development is incredible and really is the future of golf tuition. This revolutionary idea is redefining how we analyze our swing and performance.”

“I was dubious but having seen this in action I can say that this is real golf training from a world class coach and the best part of all is that it’s available 24/7 in the comfort of my living room. This will definitely improve your swing and to be honest is the ideal Christmas present for any budding golfer.”

“This is a great idea, brilliantly executed and definitely the future of golf tuition.”

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The Golf Channel, The World’s Leading Golf Instructor

My Personal Golf Trainer “The World’s Leading Golf Instructor” on The Golf Channel touts Leadbetter, Haney and Harmon as the big three golf instructors and says Leadbetter is ’staying current with a new trainer for the Wii.

Bunkered Golf Magazine

My Personal Golf Trainer is featured as New Gear in the May 2010 issue of Bunkered Golf Magazine.
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Northwest Golf Guide

My Personal Golf Trainer is featured in Northwest Golf Guide as a “world-first” for Wii.
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Pro Shop Europe May 2010

My Personal Golf Trainer is one of the golf training products featured in the May 2010 issue of Pro Shop Europe.
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Golf & Lifestyle Magazine

My Personal Golf Trainer Golf & Lifestyle Magazine features My Personal Golf Trainer, which will be available soon in U.S. stores.
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Golf Tips Magazine April 2010

My Personal Golf Trainer is included in Golf Tips magazine as a “New and Notable” product.
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Golf Business Development March 2010

My Personal Golf Trainer could bring more people into the sport of golf by “removing the intimidation factor that some beginners experience when first playing golf,” according to the March 2010 issue of Golf Business Development.
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Links Magazine’s Best in Show

My Personal Golf Trainer named to Links Magazine’s Best in Show from the 2010 PGA Merchandise Show. From the thousands of exhibitors, the magazine picked the Top 7 and “My Personal Golf Trainer” is on the list!
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