David Leadbetter

Individual direction is given by David Leadbetter who over the past 30 years has published more training manuals than any other golfer in the world.

He will personally tell you how to stand, how to move, and how to swing in his famous ‘7 Steps to a Better Golf Swing’. You will be shown common mistakes and how to correct them. As a non interactive DVD this information would sell for hundreds of dollars, but utilizing the Motion Plus we can give individual feedback on your own personal swing and then direct you how to correct and improve your shot.

Are you are positioned at the right angle, is the club rotated, are you holding it too high or low, forwards or too far behind, with the Wii Balance Board; David Leadbetter will tell you exactly how you are positioned, leaning to the side or back to far, as you swing we record the speed and direction in 3D space and compare your actions against an ideal swing.

One of the most influential coaches of all time, Leadbetter has trained with some of the greatest golfers in the modern age, leading many on to land major titles and grand slams. Leadbetter rebuilt the swing of Nick Faldo, who then went on to win six major championships. Now he’s ready to share his knowledge of the game with you.

Even the best players in the world have lessons and more often than not, it’s the name of Leadbetter that is associated with the vital tweak or piece of advice that corrects the key problems in anyone’s game. From tee to green, you’ll be discovering those elusive elements that you’ll need to lower your handicap.

David LeadbetterTrained by David Leadbetter

Nick Faldo (1984-1998)
Major Championships (6)
PGA Tours (3)
U.S. Masters. (3)
World No.1 for a total of 98 weeks.

Greg Norman (1997)
Major Championships (2),
PGA Tours (18),
U.S. Masters. (3)
World No.1 for a total of 331 weeks.

Ernie Els (1990-2008)
World Golf Championships (1)
Major Championships (3)
PGA Tours (12)
World Match Play Championship a record seven times
Ranked in the top ten for a record 750 weeks.

David Leadbetter Golf Academies

For 25 years, David Leadbetter and David Leadbetter Golf Academies have provided world class golf instruction to golfers of all ages and abilities. Yes, we have a large number of professional golfers on our roster of students, but we are also dedicated to helping golfers just like you swing better, score better and have more fun playing golf.

David Leadbetter is the World’s #1 Golf Instructor and coach to countless PGA Tour, European PGA Tour, LPGA Tour and Champions Tour players, and is known throughout the world for his innovative and creative teaching techniques. Over the past 30 years, his players have amassed over a dozen Major Championship titles and over 100 individual worldwide tournament victories. David’s coaching has spanned three decades and he has often been recognized as the “man who invented the golf instruction industry”. There are currently 27 David Leadbetter Golf Academies strategically located around the world in 13 countries.

A Professional Golfers Association Master Professional, Golf Channel Instruction Editor and Golf Digest Teaching Professional, David’s clientele includes 4 players who have held 1st place in the Official World Golf Ranking… along with many more of the world’s very best golfers. David Leadbetter is known around the world as the “master of the art of teaching the golf swing”.

For more information, please see http://www.davidleadbetter.com or http://www.leadbetter.com

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