Our New Technology


The Itrainer

The iTrainer is an easy to use device, offering functionality to benefit all golfers using the new My Personal Golf Trainer (PC EDITION)

The iTrainer is lightweight, robust and

Clamps Easily onto your Club

The device is small and is clamped to the club shaft, just below the grip, a place that introduces negligible impact to the swing, yet effective enough to accurately measure swing characteristics.

Intuitive use of buttons makes the iTrainer

A Dream to Use.

Designed to fit all commonly used golf club shafts. The iTrainer is such an ingenious and advanced device that no other device comes even close to matching in price and features.

On the green or in your office the Itrainer

Corrects your Mistakes

Itrainer provides instant feedback to allow users to quickly adapt and correct mistakes in their actions. Our My Personal Golf Trainer systems are designed for personal and professional use.

Now Available on PC, My Personal Golf Trainer

Works in Any Environment

Recorded data is easily transferred wirelessly to a your PC for further analysis. You are no longer confined to indoor based simulator training.

Our PC version now supports

Left or Right Handed

My Personal Golf Trainer is our advanced analysis and training system designed for anyone. If you’re a beginner, training centre, or professional. Combining the iTrainer device, you will benefit from being able to capture swing data for analysis, comparison or tracking progress.

Now Available on PC

Learn the fundamentals with

Over an hour of video

My Personal Golf Trainer features over an hour of personal instruction and corrective drills. David Leadbetter goes through the training drills in precise detail for you to follow and re-enact in your own living room.

View your own swing with

Instant Swing Feedback

My Personal Golf Trainer uses Motion controllers, which not only measures the acceleration, but the clubs position and distance of movement. It is very accurate and useful feedback. It will get 100% accurate details of your swing and compare it against an ideal swing.

David Leadbetters own

Personalised Drills

Continually through the training drills, visual guidance is provided to aid the player in body and hand position, weight shifting and also the next movement they need to make. This live feedback is invaluable and does not cost you every time you receive it, as it would do if your local coach was sitting next to you!

Monitor performance over time

Skill Tracker

The Skill Tracker is a feature designed to help the player track all aspects of their swing over time. Every full golf swing is recorded in the ‘Skill Tracker’ and the player can watch their improvements on a daily/weekly/monthly level and check details to the finest areas of their game.

Practice on the

Course & Driving Range

My Personal Golf Trainer features a full 72par, 18 hole golf course approved by the golf experts at the IMG academy. With 18 beautifully designed holes set in tree lined vistas helping to create an air of serenity. My Personal Golf Trainer also features a driving range where players can practice their new found skills.

Record every swing and

Watch your Progress

My Personal Golf Trainer allows yourself to access all aspects of your game tracking your progress by daily, weekly and monthly progress. The Skill Tracker identifies player averages of a number of play aspects including the club path, club face angle and ball trajectory.